NY Dream Act Fails In Senate


The New York Dream Act failed in the state senate by two votes. The bill would have allowed illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer funded financial aid for college.

The Post Standard has the scoop:

A proposal to expand state-funded tuition assistance to undocumented college students failed by two votes in the New York State Senate today.

The Senate vote likely ends, for this year, the debate on New York’s Dream Act, which would have expanded the state’s Tuition Assistance Program to include undocumented students.

But the vote marks a key political maneuver for the small group of breakaway Democrats – including Sen. David Valesky, D-Oneida – who have faced criticism for joining with Senate Republicans to run the chamber. Some have said the partnership has jeopardized action on more traditional Democratic issues, including changing the state’s abortion laws, public financing of political campaigns and immigration reform.

Today, it was the Independent Democratic Conference that pushed the Dream Act to the floor.

Valesky tries to position himself as a centrist, then he goes and does this. The only reason the bill failed is that two Democrats voted against it. Two Republicans were absent.