NBC News: What If A Republican Selectively Enforced Obamacare Like Obama’s Doing?


This is stunning simply because it aired on NBC News. Sunday on “Meet the Press” David Gregory asked what would happen if a Republican president unilaterally enforced Obamacare the way President Obama is doing. You know the Democrats would have a fit, and even Andrea Mitchell had to agree. See the transcript below.

GREGORY: “Can I ask Andrea, can I ask this political question? What are the implications of the president deciding unilaterally how and when to implement aspects of ObamaCare? If a Republican president were being this selective about the law, there’d be an outcry on the part of those who were supporters of ObamaCare.”
MITCHELL: “Yeah, I think that is one thing that really undermines his case against the Republicans in Congress. Stop messing around with the law. What he has said from the beginning is, “Fix the problems.” And they did these endless, useless votes to try to eliminate the law, which they knew they weren’t going to win. That was all symbolic. But for him to now be unilaterally saying, “Well, we’re not going to implement this and we’re not going to implement that,” I think it does undermine his case. He issued a statement today saying, “This is the fourth anniversary and costs have come down.” Some of those costs would’ve come down in any case because of the continuing slow recovery to the fed.”