Marco Rubio Focuses On Economy, Foreign Policy In CPAC Address


Rubio CPAC

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) addresed the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. He opened by saying this is a critical moment in our country’s history. “There is no country where I would rather be,” he said and that “America’s best moment ever” is possible if we make the right decisions.

On domestic policy he touched on the economy and noted the changes and progress over the past 70 years. Going forward he said we need to change the tax code, reduce regulations and expand energy production. He said that big corporations are able to deal with big government, but small businesses cannot. He also slammed the Obama administration for dividing Americans and turning people against each other. But he said we can overcome our economic problems because they’re largely caused by a president who will be out of office in three years.

He then shifted to foreign policy, discussing the rise of communism in the world and the fall of the Soviet Union. “Take a moment and look at the world around us today, as it is truly as challenging as that period in time.” He went on to note the abuses in countries like China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and Iran. He asked what the world will look like in ten years if these things continue. “These are totalitarian governments,” he said, and the United States is the only country able to rally the people to stand up for freedom. The United Nations can’t do it, because “the United Nations can’t do anything.” He also criticized President Obama. “we cannot ignore that the flawed foreign policy of the past four years has brought us to this stage.” He’s definitely right about that.