Lefties Protest $100 Million Donation To Hospital By David Koch


Here’s more proof that American lefties are totally unhinged. David Koch contributed $100 million to a New York City hospital, and a bunch of them showed up to protest. Seriously, one of the speakers at the protest was a city council member who represents the district where the hospital will be located.

In fact, it was the New York State Nurses’ Association, the NAACP New York State Conference, and SEIU Local 1199, among others, whomarched on the soon-to-be-built David H. Koch Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, which was funded in part by a $100 million donation from the man one prominent liberal recently predicted would go down in history as a “famously evil person.”

The donation was the largest in the hospital’s history, and will presumably create a fair number of new nursing jobs. So why are the usual suspects up in arms? Well, the agitators were apparently agitated because this particular hospital didn’t need all the money. Oh yeah, and because it was International Women’s Day, and the Kochs are the primary funders of the “war on women’s reproductive rights … and many other issues of concern to American women.” They’re also behind “the effort to defeat and repeal healthcare to all Americans,” whatever that means.

Ben Kallos, the local New York City Council representative, was on hand to shout compelling applause lines…

Go read the whole thing, it’s hysterical.

Update: The title has been corrected to identify the donor as David Koch, not Charles Koch. Sorry about that.