How The EPA Makes Bad News About Its Regulations Disappear


Federal law requires that the Environmental Protection Agency independent scientific reviews of the effects of its proposed regulations before implementing those regulations. But the bureaucrats in the Obama administration don’t believe laws apply to them, and the EPA routinely refuses to disclose any of the bad effects its rules would have on the economy. They just make the bad news disappear.

The EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee is meeting through Thursday in Chapel Hill, N.C., to debate its scientific and policy assessments of the proposed new ozone rule. Unfolding evidence says that this panel should be disbanded and EPA forced to obey the law and tell the whole truth before making any new rules.

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House science, Space and Technology Committee, uncovered the inner workings of EPA’s bad-news shredding system in testimony from members of the EPA’s own committee.

Dr. Roger McClellan, the former chairman of the clean air panel, stated, “I am not aware that CASAC has ever advised EPA to take account of the role of socioeconomic factors, unemployment or other risk factors influencing the health endpoints under consideration.”

EPA’s bad-news shredder works with two slashing blades: keeping CASAC members in the dark and making them dependent lapdogs through massive EPA grants.

Former EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation Jeff Holmstead testified: “It appears that, until recently, most CASAC members were not aware that they have a statutory obligation to advise the head of EPA on certain issues [bad effects of regulation]. … As far as I know, CASAC had never fulfilled this requirement as it relates to the ozone standard or any other.”

Read the whole thing to find out how much money the panel members on the “independent” CASAC receive in funding from the EPA. We’re talking millions of dollars. It’s almost like they’re being bribed into keeping their mouths shut about the harm EPA regs are unleashing on the economy.