Eric Holder To Crack Down On Racist Nursery Schools


Attorney General Eric Holder is promising to crack down on racist nursery schools who dare to discipline black children who misbehave.

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The administration put out a new report Friday showing black youngsters make up 18% of kids enrolled in preschool but almost half the preschoolers suspended more than once. It suggested this was part of a racist conspiracy to start criminalizing black youths as toddlers.

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“The fact that the school-to-prison pipeline appears to start as early as four years old, before kindergarten, should horrify us,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said at a news conference.

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In turn, Attorney General Eric Holder vowed to “aggressively disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline,” apparently by cracking down on racist nursery schools.

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What’s horrifying is the lengths to which this administration will go to race-monger socioeconomic outcomes it doesn’t like and accuse people and institutions of racism without a whiff of proof.

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Rather than address truly horrific federal statistics showing two-thirds of African-American kids are born into homes without fathers, the administration recklessly impugns the character of preschool educators. (Read More)

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If you ask me, this policy is racist. Schools shouldn’t make disciplinary decisions based on skin color, or anything other than a child’s behavior. He’ll also be doing a disservice to the kids who need discipline and won’t be getting it. They won’t learn boundaries. They’ll have trouble making and keeping friends. Things will only get worse for them as they grow up.

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