EPA’s Fake CIA Agent Wrote A Lot Of Regulations Still In Place Today


The EPA’s fake CIA spy who bilked taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars helped to write a number of regulations that are still in place, and impacting the economy, today. Worse yet, not only was this guy not a trained intelligence agent, he also isn’t a scientist or expert on the environment. He’s just a guy who knew the right people at the right time.

Republicans are now calling for a review of his work at the EPA, but I doubt they’ll get much help from the Obama administration.

A former high-ranking EPA staffer convicted of stealing nearly $900,000 by pretending to be a CIA spy had virtually no experience, got his job with help from a college buddy, and went on to play a key role in sweeping environmental regulations, according to a report Senate Republicans released Wednesday.

Those regulations remain in place despite John C. Beale’s lack of environmental expertise, Republican investigators said, adding that they want the Environmental Protection Agency to review the work in which Beale was involved during his 24-year tenure.

The report said Beale led an “itinerant life” as a police officer and a physical therapist in California before heading to Princeton University in the 1970s. It was at Princeton, the report said, where Beale befriended Robert Brenner, who later would become the EPA’s deputy assistant administrator.

“Rather than recruit someone with the requisite experience, Brenner sought out Beale in what appears to be a decision based solely on their personal friendship rather than any experience or credentials,” said conclusions of the report by Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.
Beale advanced quickly after he joined the agency in 1989 and eventually helped the EPA implement national air quality standards.

Read the whole thing. Before he resigned and went to prison Beale was the highest paid EPA employee, pulling in about $200,000 per year in salary and bonuses. The administration says an investigation isn’t needed because he followed the same “transparent” process as everyone else at the EPA, which is almost laughable coming from this administration. Especially considering that the report also charges that the EPA uses “secret science” to justify the regulations it imposes on the US economy.

H/T to reader “Michigan” and to The Pirate’s Cove for the reminder.