Disabled Oswego, NY Man Owes $1800 Bill After Obamacare Insurance Denied


Donald Webb is a former employee of Lockheed Martin who has had MVP insurance in the past. So when he signed up for an MVP plan through New York’s Obamacare exchange, the disabled Oswego County resident thought it would be good insurance. Then he tried to use it.

CNY Central has his story:

In January, he underwent two procedures to treat wounds on his leg at St. Joseph’s Hospital Northeast Medical Center in Fayetteville. Webb says he showed the staff at the center his MVP insurance card. “they said, MVP? You’re good to go, no problem.”

It wasn’t until recently that Webb found out there was a problem. He did not know that on December 20th, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center sent a letter to area health care providers informing them that it would only honor Excellus as the insurance carrier for patients under New York State’s Health Insurance Exchange. The hospital would be “out of network” for Obamacare patients insured by other companies such as Fidelis, MVP, American Progressive and Health Republic.

Webb says he’s being billed for nearly $1,800 because St. Joseph’s won’t take his insurance through MVP. “I’m on a fixed income. I don’t have the ability to pay this bill or the ones that are going to come.” Webb says he has cancelled future medical appointments with the hospital and will search for alternatives. (Read More)

Let’s hope the Democrats and their pals in the media don’t decide to go on the attack against Mr. Webb for speaking out. The national media is more interested in fact-checking people harmed by Obamacare rather than fact-checking the people who inflicted this rotten law on Americans.

Update: In related news, an Oklahoma man owes a whopping $100K in bills after losing his health insurance thanks to Obamacare.