DCCC Sets A Low Bar For 2014 Elections


The DCCC is setting a pretty low bar for House Democrats in the upcoming 2014 elections. They are targeting 16 seats in their “red to blue” program, but even if they win every one of those it still won’t be enough for them to win back control of the House.

First of all, the DCCC named 16 initial Red to Blue candidates this week, but the party needs to net 17 House seats for a majority. Plus, three of the designees are for seats that Democrats already hold, and retirements by two Democrats in conservative areas—Reps. Jim Matheson of Utah and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina—put the party in an even deeper hole. Republicans are expected to win those seats without much of a fight. If last year is any indication, some of the 19 second-tier “Emerging Races” districts the DCCC also identified Monday will get promoted as the cycle goes on, but the initial list outlines how difficult it is for Democrats to win the House. (Read More)

Things aren’t looking too good for Democrats in the Senate, either. David Freddoso thinks the reason Harry Reid has been on a tear against the Koch brothers is that Reid believes they are going to lose the Senate and is looking for someone to blame. Which makes sense, since we all know Democrats love blaming everyone else for the messes they create.