Biden Visits Poland, Gets His Facts A Bit Wrong


Vice President Joe Biden, the alleged foreign policy expert of the Obama/Biden team, got his facts a bit mixed up while visiting Poland. It wasn’t just that he got history wrong, he got his own history wrong.

Vice President Joe Biden wandered a little off course on a trip down memory lane today.

“Fifteen years ago, I was honored, as the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, to lead the fight for Poland’s admission into NATO,” Biden said in Warsaw during a visit designed to reassure America’s Eastern European allies in the wake of Russia’s move to take control of Crimea.

The only problem: Biden wasn’t chairman back then.

It was Sen. Jesse Helms, a North Carolina Republican, who guided the committee and launched the floor debate on granting NATO accession to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Biden did lead minority Democrats in approving the treaty resolution, after having initially expressed doubts about the political viability of expanding NATO.

“If we are really going to alienate the Russians,” Biden asked in January 1997, according to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, “what are we going to get for it?” (Read More)

It took him a long time to come around to the right side back then. Does he remember that? Or does he just lie?

Obama’s foreign policy team is frightening enough when you think of each individually. But then look at the big picture.

America’s diplomatic A team, the group now going up against the KGB-trained Vlad Putin, consists of a community organizer/adjunct professor, an addle-brained plagiarist who has gotten every major foreign policy issue of the last 30 years wrong, a senator who built his career by smearing American troops, and a muppet named Chuck who flubbed his way through an embarrassing confirmation hearing. Behind them, among other useless officials, a man who thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is “mostly secular.” (Read More)

That’s downright terrifying. I think I’ll go rent a horror movie to settle my nerves.