Biden Declares That Illegal Immigrants Are Already Americans


According to Vice President Joe Biden the millions of immigrants living and working in the United States illegally are already American citizens. That’s what he told the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Thursday.

“You know, 11 million people living in the shadows, I believe they’re already Americans. Teddy Roosevelt said it better. He said, Americanism is not a question of birthplace or creed, or a line in the sand. It’s a question of principles, idealism and character. These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully. And by that standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already Americans in my view.”

I’m thinking he just diminished the value of a law degree from Syracuse University. But in all seriousness, speaking as next in line to the presidency, his comments are really troubling, as Investor’s Business Daily pointed out.

Well, no. They are in fact, NOT waiting — the U.S. welfare magnet and its immigrant networks are drawing millions of the Third World’s most indigent to the U.S., a safety valve for lawless governments such as Mexico’s to dump their least-educated on the gullible gringos to educate, feed and jail as a matter of state policy.

If that sounds strong, bear in mind that Mexican consulates from Brownsville to Los Angeles are being used to sell ObamaCare and all its subsidies to Mexican nationals with the collusion of ObamaCare organizers, despite the law’s explicit claim that illegals are ineligible.
And that brings us back to Biden, a man who, as second to the chief executive, is charged with upholding U.S. law.

In what American Thinker editor Thomas Lifson called a “chilling” undertone, Biden’s unilateral declaration that illegals are Americans amounts to an open invitation to voter fraud just as elections beckon.

Just as the law says illegals can’t get ObamaCare subsidies, and yet they do, so the declaration of citizenship for non-citizens renders U.S. law meaningless. (Read More)

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of immigration, Senator John McCain will not rest until he sees an immigration bill passed, and he wants to name it after the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Seriously.