Are You Losing Sleep Over Dianne Feinstein Being Spied On By The CIA?


I’m having trouble mustering up any outrage over Dianne Feinstein being spied on by the CIA, especially since it involved the Dems’ investigation into the waterboarding of terrorists. You can read about it at WaPoRegular Right Guy isn’t losing sleep over it, either.

But that aside, why is Feinstein so outraged when, to paraphrase, she has simply been subjected to “the same sort of clandestine eavesdropping that the regular ol’ rabble have to endure”?

Way back in 2001, when George W. Bush was ramrodding his Patriot Act through Congress, I was warning my friends that it was a politically correct ploy to avoid having to admit we were at war with half the Muslim population of the world.

I trusted Bush (insofar as I trust any politician) but I also knew that one day we would have a president like Barack Obama who would use such a program to identify, keep track of and persecute his or her political enemies.

The excuses Feinstein and others—Michele Bachmann and Lindsey Graham among them—have used to justify NSA-CIA data collection should be scandalous. This program strikes at the heart of the Fourth Amendment.

The United States has one global enemy and it is fundamental Islam. But because Republicans were afraid of backlash from the leftwing media by identifying that specific enemy, we now have Catholic nuns being groped in airports and everyday Americans subjected to what amounts to wiretapping.

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