Anyone Who Enjoys Modern Conveniences Should Reject Socialism


Venezuela TP

Is there anyone more hypocritical than today’s leftists? They enjoy all of the modern conveniences and necessities brought about by capitalism, yet they want to kill capitalism. They consume fossil fuels, yet they want to abolish fossil fuels. They rail against money in politics while funneling millions of dollars to leftist politicians. Sometimes I wonder if they ever stop to think what the end result of what they’re advocating will bring about. It’s not like history hasn’t given them plenty of examples of the misery their ideology brings about when it’s implemented into policy. They don’t even need to go back very far, just look at what’s happening in Venezuela today.

Venezuela’s price and currency controls have wrought what they always wreak: monster shortages. And it stinks, literally, with toilet paper, diapers, soap and deodorant joining drugs on the list.

That shutoff from global standards is what prevents willing buyers from acquiring goods from abroad, the source of 80% of Venezuela’s consumer staples. No foreign currency, no purchases.

Further down the line, price controls have driven more shortages as costs to produce in an economy with a 56% inflation rate have made it impossible to turn a profit. The latest idiocy? A 30% “ceiling” on profits — profits, of course, being evil. And never mind the inflation that eats away at them.

Shortages are found wherever the Venezuelan government has a hand: flour, sugar, cooking oil, milk and butter, according to a report from National Public Radio. Food shortages in fact now run at 47.7% of what’s demanded, according to a survey by Datanalisis reported by El Universal.

Read the whole thing. This is what central planning, socialist, leftist policies bring about. And it could be worse. I watched The Soviet Story the other night. What the Soviets did to the Ukrainians (and many others) in the 1930’s is almost beyond comprehension. Forced starvation, millions killed, atrocity after atrocity. They made Hitler look like an amateur. That’s socialism. That’s communism. That’s the ideology today’s Democrats follow. Don’t take my word for it, take the word of the Communist Party USA. Those who know history know that losing a few creature comforts is just the beginning of what the left has in store for us.

Remember the quote “Any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” Regardless of who first said it, it’s still a warning we should all heed.

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