Yes, We Need A Republican Majority, But Conservatives In That Majority Would Be Nice


Peter Da TechGuy Ingemi highlighted the exchange in the video below between Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. Coulter thinks the Senate Conservatives Fund is made up of “shysters” trying to take money from good American people. She correctly notes that Republicans need a majority to get rid of Obamacare, but misses the point that primaries are a good way to keep incumbents in line, and perhaps get rid of those who don’t share our values. Hannity pointed out that if not for primaries, we’d have a Republican Senator from Florida named Charlie Crist.

Pete went on to make a great point about primaries vs. general elections.

I am totally in favor of challenging the “establishment” GOP in primaries when the candidates forget who they are working for and I have not been shy about pushing candidates I like such as Dwayne Stovall. A robust primary keeps a candidate honest.

But I also recognize that once a primary is over the choice is between the Republican and the Democrat and the choice becomes pretty clear.

If you are an establishment Republican who sat things out in NV or VA I blame you for Harry Reid & Terry MacAuliffe but if you are a Tea Party guy who sat out 2012 over Mitt Romney I blame you for Barack Obama.

When the primary season is done I am going to support every single GOP candidate running for Senate and I suggest that every Tea Party & “Establishment” republicans do the same. (Read More)

I agree. I was at a committee meeting not long ago and ran into a woman from the Syracuse committee who I met shortly after the 2012 election. Both times I spoke with this woman she boasted that she sat out the election because “Romney is no different from Obama.” The reasoning she used is that he flip-flopped on abortion and gay marriage. So what if Obama’s a communist, as far as she is concerned she did the right thing by helping to get him reelected.
That all-or-nothing approach doesn’t help anything. The last thing we need is for Democrats in power. But at the same time, it would be nice to get as many conservatives elected as possible. That’s what primaries are for.