White House Mulls Delay Of Obamacare Provision For Three Years


There’s more lawlessness coming out of the White House today, or at least the consideration of more lawlessness. They are mulling over the possibility of delaying the provision in Obamacare forcing insurance companies to cancel plans (which many have already done) for three years. The timing would be convenient, it would cover the mid-term elections as well as the next presidential election. Nothing like kicking the can down the road.

The Obama administration is considering an extension of the president’s decision to let people keep their individual insurance policies even if they are not compliant with the health care overhaul, industry and government officials said Thursday.

Avalere Health CEO Dan Mendelson said Thursday that the administration may let policyholders keep that coverage for as long as an additional three years, stressing that no decision has been made. Policymakers are waiting to see what rate hikes health insurers plan for the insurance exchanges that are key to the overhaul’s coverage expansions.

“The administration is entertaining a range of options to ensure that this individual market has stability to it, and that would be one thing that they could do,” he said.

Avalere Health is a consulting firm, but Mendelson said his company was not advising the administration on exchange policy. He said he has had informal discussions with administration officials about the extension, but he didn’t identify them. (Read More)

A spokeswoman from HHS confirmed they’re considering this. I don’t know how it would work, the first time they announced a delay many insurers indicated they couldn’t bring back those old policies, and state commissioners weren’t all on board. They act like policies are just written on a whim and can easily be changed.

We just received notification that the policy we purchase through Mr. LC’s business is going up by 25%. That’s after the increase last year. So now we’ll be paying for a high deductible what we paid for a policy with no deductible two years ago. We were informed that the price changes reflected changes made to be “in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.” So there’s no delay for us, and I’m sure there’s no delay for millions more.

H/T Zero Hedge