Wendy Davis Now Supports Ban On Late Term Abortions, But Not Really



Wendy Davis who rose to political stardom for filibustering a Texas bill banning late term abortions now says she is all for banning abortions after 20 weeks. But don’t believe she’s trading in her pink tennis shoes for pink flip flops. She’s not really for banning late term abortions, as Life News pointed out.

The Wendy Davis apology tour continues. As she campaigns across Texas an comes to the realization that her defense of abortions up to the day of birth is massively out of touch with the values of Texas voters, Davis is taking steps to moderate her radical abortion position.

Although some are hailing her new position on a late-term abortion ban as a full flip-flop on the issue, it’s actually not. Davis still supports late-term abortions to kill disabled babies.

As the Dallas News reports, Davis said she would back a 20-week abortion ban as long as it had two exceptions, to kill disabled babies and a health exception rendering any ban meaningless. (Read More)

They also pointed out that she doesn’t even mention the filibuster that catapulted her to fame on her campaign website.

Update: I love Da TechGuy’s headline: Abortion Barbie and the Say Anything Party