Video: College Kids React To Cuomo’s Plan To Give Convicts Free College



The Erie County Republican Committee put out this video of University of Buffalo students responding to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to give incarcerated convicts free college educations. In a nutshell, they aren’t happy about it.

One student identified as Christina said “I work two jobs to save enough money to pay tuition. I don’t break the law. Governor Cuomo, you should be working to make college more affordable, not giving it away for free to criminals.”

Another girl named Diane said, “It’s going to take me over twenty years to pay off my student loans. Maybe I should just rob a bank instead.”

In related news, the New York State Assembly passed the “Dream Act” which will provide tax dollars to pay tuition for illegal aliens if it makes it through the Senate.

Update: Expose the Media linked – thanks!