Terror Threats To Our Water And Electric Infrastructure


All of the NSA snooping and data collection doesn’t seem to be keeping our water supplies or electric grid any safer. Allen West highlighted a few cases of suspicious activity involving Muslims and US water systems last month.

Consider this story from Dave Gibson at The Examiner about a 26-year-old man named Asaf Mohammed who was found trapped in a 20-inch pipe at a New Jersey water facility. Operated by United Water, the facility supplies drinking water to about 40,000 customers. The plant is surrounded by barbed wire fencing and workers are still trying to determine how the man was able to gain access to the facility without detection – and why he was there in the first place. Mr. Mohammed has been charged with fourth-degree criminal trespassing.

I suppose you could simply dismiss this as an isolated incident and of no real circumstance, but Gibson also reveals something even more disturbing….

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Now The Wall Street Journal has an in-depth report about an attack on power stations in California last year that remain unsolved.

The attack began just before 1 a.m. on April 16 last year, when someone slipped into an underground vault not far from a busy freeway and cut telephone cables.

Within half an hour, snipers opened fire on a nearby electrical substation. Shooting for 19 minutes, they surgically knocked out 17 giant transformers that funnel power to Silicon Valley. A minute before a police car arrived, the shooters disappeared into the night.

To avoid a blackout, electric-grid officials rerouted power around the site and asked power plants in Silicon Valley to produce more electricity. But it took utility workers 27 days to make repairs and bring the substation back to life.

Nobody has been arrested or charged in the attack at PG&E Corp.’s Metcalf transmission substation. It is an incident of which few Americans are aware. But one former federal regulator is calling it a terrorist act that, if it were widely replicated across the country, could take down the U.S. electric grid and black out much of the country.

Read the whole thing. One expert called it the “most significant instance of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred in the US” but this is the first we’re hearing about it. Why? Is it because we’re supposed to believe the terrorists are on the run?

Whatever it is, it’s probably a good idea to be prepared.