Syracuse Man Paid $10K Out Of $11K In Back Taxes, City Seizes Home Anyway


Calvin James

The Post Standard has the story of Calvin James who paid $10,000 out of $11,000 in back property taxes but the city seized his home anyway. So much for home ownership.

Calvin James paid $9,877 to the city of Syracuse over six months to keep the city from seizing his house for back taxes.

He paid off all but $936 of what was needed to save his North Side home.

But Syracuse seized it anyhow.

James walked into city hall Dec. 6 prepared to pay $1,500. A clerk in the finance department told him to keep his money. The property had been seized Dec. 4.

“I nearly fell off my feet, I was so stunned,” James said. “I tried so hard. I tried so hard to make these payments.”

Read the whole thing. It’s very sad. James, an immigrant from Guyana, had lived in Brooklyn for almost thirty years but lost his job after an injury about 9 years ago. He had relatives who told him living in Syracuse was a lot more affordable than Brooklyn, so he moved upstate and bought several tax-delinquent properties as an investment.  That probably wasn’t the best idea, but still, he did everything he could to pay the back taxes on the property he wanted to save. Not that the Democrats running the city of Syracuse care. Now they’re charging him rent for his home and have put it up for sale so he’ll be out on the street soon, because they refused to accept his final payment. How compassionate.