Obamavilles Sprout Up In Baltimore


Can you imagine the media coverage if homeless living was sprouting up all over the US during a Republican administration? We’d hear about it non-stop, they would interview every homeless person they could find. But in the age of Obama, the Obamavilles are ignored. At least by the US press.

The Daily Mail in the UK picked up on the Obamavilles in Baltimore. At least people are getting creative. Look at this place made out of doors. (I don’t even want to know where the doors came from.)

Baltimore Obamaville home


There are more where that came from. Some are just tents, or even just a tarp draped over a rope. Others have mats on the ground, and they look like the people living there are trying to keep them clean, like a home. Because for the people living there, these places are their homes. One even had flowers in a vase. It’s sad, and the US media ignores it, it doesn’t fit the narrative.  No heat, no plumbing, no mailing address. The Democrats’ answer would be to sign them all up for welfare. But at the rate they’re going, this is how we’re all going to be living.