Obamacare Delay Includes Direction For Employers Not To Lay Off Workers


IRS rule

Monday night on the “Kelly File” Megyn Kelly revealed that the Obamacare mandate delay includes a provision directing employers that they are not to lay off workers if they want to take advantage of the delay. Nice Deb picked up on it:

“Basically”, she continued, “what the government is telling employers is that you will not fire a single person. You will not lay off a single person – if you want to take advantage of our gift. And you have to certify it under penalty of perjury to the IRS that you didn’t do that!”

How is this not fascism as defined as ”a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.”

Marc Thiessen says it’s an “act of desperation,” but desperate or no –  the situation calls for the attention of Congress right away. The government has no business managing the affairs of private businesses. “We have a free market economy, Thiessen later noted, “it’s not a command economy!” (Read More)

Well, Obama did say he can do whatever he wants. Thiessen called the rule “Orwellian” and said “American businesses have to justify their hiring decisions and firing decisions to the IRS. So if you’ve got 101 employees and you want to lay off two people you have to tell Big Brother why you did it, and you have to justify it. This is not what happens in America.” Well, it is now.

Thiessen went on to explain how Obamacare is giving Americans a big fat pay cut.

Last night I was at a meeting and ran into a woman I met after the 2012 election. She reminded me how she was the one that didn’t vote for Mitt Romney because “he’s no different than Obama” and she’s still pretty proud of herself and smug about the whole thing. I just had to shake my head, as if Romney would have done something like this. The man isn’t perfect but seriously, this woman must not be as informed as she thinks she is.

Update: Fox News has more on this Orwellian new rule:

With millions of insurance cancellations and workers dumped from employer-based policies due to ObamaCare, a relatively narrow exemption for medium-sized employers might sound like a trifling thing. But to Obama Democrats desperate to hold the Senate in the face of simmering anger over the botched rollout and false promises of the law, any little bit helps. And having the IRS serve as the talking-point enforcer for businesses tempted to speak out about firings under the law will sure help message discipline. Remember, the administration wants to focus on Americans being “transitioned” to ObamaCare not dumped from existing policies, and “freed” from having to work in order to get insurance rather than quitting their jobs in order to get free coverage.

Update: Linked by WyBlog, who notes just a whiff of fascism.