Obama Says People Will Stop Calling It Obamacare To Deny Him Credit


Charles Barkley interviewed President Obama and they got around to talking about Obamacare. Now he’s saying that signing up for it is “just part of growing up” and that people are going to stop calling it Obamacare because they won’t want to give him credit. He really is living on another planet.

Barkely asked, “What do you think of the term Obamacare?”

“I like it. I don’t mind. And I tell you, five years from now, when everybody’s saying, ‘Man, I’m sure glad we got healthcare,’ there are going to be a whole bunch of people who don’t call it Obamacare anymore because they don’t want me to get the credit. But you don’t know what life will throw at you. And sometimes people don’t recognize, particularly young people, how important it is to have coverage until you get sick and you realize you may lose everything you have, or your parents may lose everything they have, trying to make you well. So we’re encouraging people to sign up. They’ve got until March 31 to sign up for this year.” (Read More)

Barkley then asked what he would tell young Americans, and after going back and forth about getting old, and the lie that Obamacare premiums are less than a cell phone bill Obama said “And it’s just part of growing up — is making sure you’re taking care of your body, your health. If you have a young family, you have to make sure that your family’s protected with health insurance, as well. This allows you to do it.” He didn’t mention the penalty involved if you decide not to do it.

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