Obama Says He’ll Make Keystone Decision In A Few Months


President Obama met with US governors and promised them he will make a decision on approval for the Keystone XL pipeline in the next few months. If I were them I wouldn’t hold my breath. We all know how he is about keeping his promises.

Republican governors say President Barack Obama assured them Monday that he expects to make a decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline within a couple of months.

The White House declined to confirm the governors’ accounts. But the information contradicts speculation by parties on both sides of the pipeline dispute, who have said Obama could delay the long-awaited decision until after November’s midterm elections because of a state court ruling last week in Nebraska. …

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal also said Obama told governors a decision would come in the next few months — though he expressed skepticism.

“We’ve heard this before,” Jindal said during a Republican Governors Association news conference. (Read More)

What’s it been now, 4 years? I think it’s actually been longer. And he says he’s concerned about jobs. Yeah, right.