Obama Mocks French Reporter Who Mentions French President’s Socialism


Hollande Obama

Tuesday President Obama and French President Hollande held a joint press conference at the White House. A French reporter mentioned that Hollande is a socialist who isn’t doing much to encourage American investment in France, you know, with that 75% tax rate. Obama thought the best response would be to mock the reporter. No doubt he’s jealous of that 75% tax rate.

Here’s the question:

Since last year, foreign investments in France having been crumbling, and we are not benefiting in France from the world recovery. President Obama, do you think that Mr. Hollande doesn’t do much to encourage American investors to invest in France? And Mr. Hollande, you will meet businessmen. For them you are a socialist. You think that the world of finance is an enemy, and you tax wealth at 75%. So how on earth are you going to convince businessmen here….

Obama replied:

It’s good to know that, you know, reporters have something in common in France and the United States.

Fellow travelers look out for each other.

But I have to say, Obama’s flippant answer got it wrong. French reporters seem to have a lot more guts than American reporters do. At least this one does.

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Update: Oh, and here is how the socialists live on the taxpayers’ dime.

Guests will meet the Obamas and Hollande in the Blue Room, decorated with Parisian-made gilded sofas and chairs ordered for the room in 1817 by then-President James Monroe.

“Paris was the center of high-style culture,” White House curator Bill Allman told reporters.

Guests will take small trolleys across the South Lawn to the tent, which will be transformed into a spring-like scene inspired by Claude Monet’s Water Lilies paintings, with quince branches in full bloom, irises, blue agapanthus and lilies.

The White House kept the guest list under wraps, along with who will sit at the head table, but revealed that soul singer Mary J. Blige will perform after the dinner.

The first course will feature caviar harvested from Illinois streams, Pennsylvania quail eggs, and 12 varieties of potatoes, the White House said.

Read the whole exquisite thing. I wonder if these two decadent socialists snickered about humiliating that reporter who dared to ask a question while they enjoyed the festivities financed by the US taxpayers.