Obama Admin Cutting Medicare Part D And Medicare Advantage


American seniors probably aren’t going to like it when they find out the Obama administration has big plans for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage. Republicans in the House call it an “attack” since it will result in higher costs and fewer options. The Daily Caller has the scoop:

The new rule “would revise the Medicare Advantage (MA) program (Part C) regulations and prescription drug benefit program (Part D) regulations to implement statutory requirements; strengthen beneficiary protections; exclude plans that perform poorly; improve program efficiencies; and clarify program requirements,” according to the Federal Register.

The rule states that it also aims “to implement certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”

The new rule’s stated desire to “strengthen our ability to identify strong applicants for Part C and Part D program participation and remove consistently poor performers” would give the Obama administration new authority to limit health insurance and prescription drug providers under the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D programs.

The Daily Caller has extensively reported on Obamacare’s veritable destruction of the privately-run Medicare Advantage program, which Obamacare raids to the tune of $300 billion in a sweeping cut that begins to affect seniors in 2014. But the U.S. House subcommittee is principally concerned about the rule’s impact on Medicare Part D.

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Does anyone know if the AARP is protesting these cuts to Medicare? What about Democrats in Congress running for reelection?