NY Democrat Introduced Bill Mandating Parenting Classes

Smug asshole

Smug asshole

New York State Senator Ruben Diaz, a Democrat, introduced a bill that would mandate all parents in the state take parenting classes or their children won’t advance beyond sixth grade. I can see it now, 18 year olds stuck in sixth grade because their parents refuse to take the classes. It isn’t just one class either, it’s four classes, and employers would be forced to give parents a day off. Even worse, watch the news report below, some people think this is a good idea. One guy said, with a smug look on his face, that parents who are against these state-run classes probably need them the most. I wonder how many kids he has.

New York News

Diaz introduced the bill over a year ago, but for some reason this is just making news now. Of course, I didn’t hear about it from the local media, I found it at Ace of Spades.