NBC: Soviet Communism A ‘Pivotal Experiment’ In History


Hammer Sickle

NBC really outdid itself in its introduction to the Olympics. They looked back through Russian history and noted the “revolution that birthed one of modern history’s most pivotal experiments.” They even managed to work in the hammer and sickle. I doubt those who died thought of themselves as just taking part in an experiment. Same goes for the millions who lived in fear as slaves to the state.

Ed Morrissey said NBC should get a gold medal in selling out. But it’s worse than just selling out to the Russians. How many American kids have any knowledge of the sheer brutality of communist regimes? This bit by NBC glosses over that and instead romanticizes a period of totalitarianism and mass murder.

Ironic that Stacy McCain just wrote a long piece about Soviet history in response to that commie idiot Jesse Myerson.

Terroristic violence is the sine qua non of communism, first in overthrowing the capitalist order and then in maintaining the authority of its revolutionary dictatorship “unrestricted by any laws.”

This explicit rejection of civil rights and the Rule of Law, this maniacal devotion to violence as a core principle, guaranteed that the Soviet government would be a murderous totalitarianism. Nevertheless, self-described communist Jesse Myerson airily dismisses the bloody record of Marxist-Leninist regimes with a bit of rhetorical arm-waving as he lectures us on our “huge misconceptions about communism.”

Read the whole thing.

What I find interesting is how those who write off the Soviet regime as just some failed “experiment” have more compassion for lab rats in real experiments than communism’s victims.

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