Most Of Those Enrolled In Obamacare DC Small Biz Marketplace Come From Congress


The Obamacare small business marketplace in Washington, DC has thousands of new enrollees, and almost all of them come from Congress. Who knew Congress was considered a small business? Wow.

Thousands of people have purchased health coverage through the District of Columbia’s new small-business insurance marketplace, but only a tiny fraction of them actually own or work for a small business.

The rest are members of or work for a single large organization — Congress. …

The congressional total represents 70 percent of the private insurance plans purchased so far in the District and 98 percent of the enrollment on the city’s small-business exchange.

Kofman noted that fewer than 300 actual small-business owners and employees have fully enrolled in coverage through DC Health Link, though a number of other small firms have selected plans but are still in the process of enrolling their employees. (Read More)

More than 12,000 congressional staffers have enrolled, and only 300 small businesses. But of course we’ll be told that’s a success.