Kindle Fire HDX And Wireless Keyboard Review


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I purchased the original Kindle Fire a few years ago and wished I had waited once the Kindle Fire HDX came out. Now I’ve had the 7″ HDX for about a week and it is much better. Videos and games are clearer and I haven’t had them get hung up like they did on the old version. The browser is also much faster and the wifi connection is almost immediate when the device is turned on. It also has better speakers than the older Kindle Fires. I haven’t tried reading in the sun yet because it’s been so cold, but I’ve heard that there is less glare, and there’s also an option for a black background with white text which may help.

The HDX does have a camera, but only a front facing camera, which means if you’re holding it the camera points at you. So it’s fine for “selfies” and using a service like Skype, but it won’t replace a regular camera for taking normal pictures and videos.

I haven’t really timed the battery life, Amazon says it’s 11 hours mixed use, and 17 hours when just reading. I don’t think it’s that good, but the battery lasts longer than both my laptop and my iPhone.

I also bought the Poetic Keybook Bluetooth keyboard and case which I just tried out today. I used it to write a quick post while sitting in a gym waiting for my son’s wrestling match to begin. The keys are a little bit small and will take some getting used to, but it`s preferable to using the on screen keyboard. Using the small touch screen for copying and pasting links and text will take a little bit of getting used to.The larger HDX would probably be more user-friendly, but blogging isn’t all that lucrative so I figured I’d save the money. I have small fingers, so the smaller screen and keyboard are fine for me.

Blogging from a laptop or desktop unit is definitely easier, but the Kindle Fire HDX will be great for using in places where I don’t want to lug along a full sized laptop. All in all I’d say I’m pretty happy with it, and I’m using it much more than the old Kindle Fire.