Hillary Clinton’s Sweet Little Deal With Univision


Hillary Clinton has worked out a sweet little deal with Univision, the country’s biggest Spanish-language television station. It sounds like a big infomercial that she doesn’t have to pay for.

According to USA Today, she has signed a multi-year deal to promote a program called “Pequeños y Valiosos” (Young and Valuable) aimed at helping Hispanic kids improve their language skills. That’s a worthy cause, if it wasn’t the project of a probable candidate in the next presidential election.

Although the program has worthy goals, the problem here is that a major broadcaster is getting awfully close to a presumptive nominee for president. A second problem is that many in the press are largely ignoring this relationship. Marc Caputo, a political reporter for the Miami Heraldwrote about the Univision/Clinton ties, and several conservative media outlets picked up his column. But other than that, this has been a non-story — which is a shame.

Remember that just last year, CNN had planned a documentary and NBC a mini-series docudrama featuring Hillary Clinton. But after widespread criticism, both networks cancelled their plans.

Univision is known for its steamy novellas and over-the-top reality shows. Yet the network has a serious side, and it is in the big leagues now. In 2012, it hosted special candidate forums for both President Obama and Mitt Romney. Its evening news broadcast in large cities regularly equals or tops other channels in the ratings. Last year, the network hit a ratings milestone when it won the prime-time July sweeps,besting the English-language networks in several coveted demographics. It is the fifth-largest network in the U.S., according to Univision, reaching an average of 1.8 million viewers in prime time. Its total U.S. reach is 93.8 million. Without question, Univision is on the rise.

And with its increasing stature should come the same scrutiny given to the other major broadcast networks. Consider that one of the owners of Univision, Haim Saban, is a major Clinton donor and backer who told the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth that, “Seeing her in the White House is a big dream of mine.” (Read More)

That last quote tells you all you need to know. Plus, it’s extremely creepy how liberals worship other people the way they do.