Hey Ladies, Obama Says You Can Now Work On A Farm Thanks To Obamacare



Hey ladies, President Obama wants you to know that if you want to quit your day job to go work on a farm you can, thanks to Obamacare.

What the Affordable Care Act does do, it gives people some flexibility. … If I’m a woman [inaudible] and I’d really like to work with him on a farm but we can’t afford health insurance on our own so I’ve been working at the county clerk’s office for the last ten years, maybe now I’ve got the opportunity to no longer work in a different job and instead work on that farm. And increase the likelihood of economic success for my family.

Part of the clip got cut out. I assume he said that the woman’s husband (or wife?) has a farm the woman wants to work on. Of course, there is nothing wrong with working on a farm. But he failed to mention that if that woman’s family enjoys economic success with their farming they will most likely have to repay the subsidies if their income exceeds the threshold. In other words, the people who find success thanks to the “generosity” and “liberation” of Obamacare will be punished for that success beginning the moment their income exceeds the subsidy limit.

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