Hey Americans, You Disgust Progressive Liberals


Progressive liberals claim to be champions of poor and middle class Americans. But really, we disgust them. Our way of life offends them, especially those of us in the middle class. They’re the elites, and we must know our place.

Ever wonder why liberals insist they are fighting for the middle class but look down on working people? Ever wonder why progressives talk endlessly about diversity yet can’t tolerate the slightest dissent from their orthodoxy?

Ever wonder why Barack Obama seems more suited for a European coffee shop than the Oval Office?

Wonder no more. Fred Siegel’s new book explains all you need to know about liberalism, a political philosophy that, despite good intentions, careened off track after World War I and hasn’t found its way back yet.

“The Revolt Against the Masses” is a brilliantly argued, well-timed case against reactionary snobs who were and remain disgusted with American society. Under the subtitle “How Liberalism has Undermined the Middle Class,” Siegel documents with scholarly detail the arrogance of elites who launched a movement that romanticizes the poor while trying, with distressing success, to dismantle the democratic, capitalist traditions that helped establish the middle class.

“The aim of liberalism’s founding writers and thinkers — such as Herbert Croly, Randolph Bourne, H.G. Wells, Sinclair Lewis and H.L. Mencken — was to create an American aristocracy of sorts, to provide the same sense of hierarchy and ­order long associated with European statism,” he writes.

Read the whole thing.

Just look at how Michelle Obama shut down the Aspen airport over the weekend. They are the elites and the rest of us need to know our place. Even the confused wealthy liberals who have benefited from our somewhat capitalist economics are lower in the pecking order. Only the most elite are worthy of their respect.

President Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform the United States of America. He, and those like him, see the American people as a group that needs to be controlled and managed. How is that working out for us?

H/T Ed Driscoll

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