Grabien Is A Great Resource For Bloggers



This post is for all of my blogger friends out there. How many times have you seen a video that you’d like to share with your readers but there’s no embed code? Then you waste time searching through You Tube to see if the same video is available there. Or you see something on TV you’d like to post but you can’t find it online. It happens all the time. Or at least it used to before Grabien, the Multimedia Marketplace came along.

When I first heard of Grabien I wasn’t sure how it worked. If you aren’t signed in you can watch the videos but there’s no embed code, so I assumed it was expensive and moved along. Something brought me back to it and I decided to register. I used Pay Pal to buy 1000 “Grabien coins” for $10. They also gave me 500 “promo coins” for free, and it says each account receives 500 “promo coins” every month.

So if you sign up and log in you can buy the embed code for any video on the site. An embed codes costs 25 coins. If you want to download the video (which can then be uploaded to You Tube or another video service) it costs 50 coins. Oh, and it also provides transcripts for many of the videos. How awesome is that?

I have to say, I was really surprised at how affordable it is. Customer service is good, too. I emailed a question about my account and had a reply within minutes.

I’m just getting started with Grabien, but I’m already finding it to be a great resource. I think you will, too.

Update: If you use the videos to upload to You Tube watch out for copyright claims. It might be easier just to use the embed code, and it costs less.

Update 2: Okay I think I figured out the You Tube copywriter issue. If the owner of copyrighted material makes a claim you have to acknowledge that it’s copyrighted and the video can stay up. The owner of the copyright will then be able to put ads on the video.