EPA Pressures Scientists To Push Climate Change


CNS News reported that EPA administrator Gina McCarthy attended a climate change conference on Thursday and gave the scientists a little nudge to push the agenda.

“I need you now more than ever to speak the truth,” McCarthy said. “I need you to stand up together with us and explain what the science is telling you.

“To tell people that science and technology improvements will allow us to take action moving forward that meets the needs of this president as he has charged EPA, which is to look at climate change as something where we can innovate and we can move forward to grow the economy, to grow jobs, to understand how we’re producing sustainable, livable communities,” McCarthy said. (Read More)

Since when is it the job of the EPA to grow jobs? And the last time I checked the EPA has been doing the opposite. She’s talking about creating more green crony jobs on the backs of the taxpayers who will be left holding the bag when the green projects go belly up.

Via The Pirate’s Cove where William Teach noted this is just more politicization of science. That’s been going on for so long there’s no actual science involved. They reach conclusions and then pick and choose data to fit those conclusions while excluding data that doesn’t mesh with the predetermined outcome.