Economists Endorsing Minimum Wage Hike Aren’t All Economists, Some Are Marxists


You’ve probably heard Democrats and President Obama touting that 600 economists have endorsed their plan to increase the minimum wage. Well, it looks like anyone qualifies as an economist in their minds. The Employment Policies Institute looked into the qualifications of those 600 economists, and found that 45% have no experience in labor economics. Some of those don’t have any experience in economics at all, while others work for unions or think tanks, and others are just your garden variety radicals who promote Marxism for a living.

A number of the signers — whether or not they have experience in labor-related topics — have research interests that are considerably outside the economic mainstream. Specifically, at least 40 of the signers are specialists in or have done considerable work in the economics of Marxism or Socialism, or are affiliated with the “radical” study of economics. Predictably, some of these signers have made extreme statements, labeling the United States “the world’s number one rogue,” lauding Hugo Chavez as a “great leader,” or praising the “particular model of socialism pioneered by the Soviet Union.” One of the signers is even a well-known advocate for “9-11 Truth.

Other signers are full-time staffers at labor unions, union-supported organizations, or other activist groups. Specifically, the list includes at least 33 signers affiliated with the following far-left, labor, or labor-backed organizations: Economic Policy Institute, Center for Economic and Policy Research, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Center for American Progress,  Union of Concerned Scientists, Massachusetts Climate Action Network, Keystone Research Center, Fiscal Policy Institute, Center on Wisconsin Strategy, American Federation of Teachers, Service Employees International Union, United Auto Workers,  and the AFL-CIO.

You have to read the whole thing, it gets even worse. One of the so-called economists is an undergraduate student at Queens College whose LinkedIn profile indicates he’s looking for a job as a security guard. What a scam.