De Blasio Is Such A Wreck His Fellow Travelers Are Keeping Their Distance


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is a train wreck. Not even two months into his new job and he’s shown himself incapable of dealing with something as mundane as a snowstorm. Streets going unplowed, trash piling up, schools open when they should have been closed. Blaming weathermen for his failures. None of this should be a surprise, he’s a communist ideologue, not a competent manager.

He doesn’t care about managing a city. His mind is filled with other things, like schemes to redistribute wealth, destroy charter schools, give sanctuary to illegal aliens, enrich his rich friends while destroying businesses, and neuter the police force. He has no time for trivial issues like snow removal, waste management, or snow days. He has big plans, he’s a revolutionary. Forget “The Big Apple,” he’s aiming for a “Red Apple.” And he’s exactly what most other Democrats wish they could be. He’s the ultimate progressive.

The only difference is that other progressive Democrats pay attention to public opinion. They know that fundamental transformation doesn’t happen overnight. With the exception of Obamacare, they’re aware that their poisonous policies are best served in small doses – it’s best not to let your victim know you’re poisoning him until it’s too late.

So it’s not at all surprising that de Blasio’s fellow travelers are keeping their distance.

The unabashed “progressive” who ran and won on promises to end New York’s income inequality is now running into pushback from members of his own party, including the state’s Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo.

The governor already has rejected two of de Blasio’s pet projects, and used choice words to describe one of them. This week, he panned the mayor’s push to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to fund a New York City pre-K program. Cuomo, who wants a statewide program, called the idea of letting “richer communities” fund only their own districts “repugnant.”

While the de Blasio-Cuomo spat has captured the attention of the New York media, de Blasio’s debut as mayor speaks to a broader concern.

Some political watchers warn that de Blasio, who captured 73 percent of the vote during November’s general election, is blowing through his political capital and is now in jeopardy of becoming the latest in a long line of New York City mayors who have floated grand ideas only to have them knocked down and defeated in Albany. (Read More)

Unlike most New York mayors who usually kiss up to Albany politicians looking for revenue, de Blasio is seeking to distance himself from the capitol.

Mayor de Blasio’s tenure, short as it is, already has a defining trait: the push to increasingly distance the city from the rest of the state. He wants to be New York City’s Pericles in an era where no American city can be allowed to be its own ancient Athens. (Ancient Athens, for one, had an army.) This is most particularly reflected in how specific de Blasio’s demands for the city seem to be next to what lawmakers in Albany seem prepared to yield. Even with a legislature and an executive run by the same party, he appears less interested in achieving things than in the specific method he wants employed to achieve them.

So, what are the methods he’s using?

The New York Post followed up on a narrative about the de Blasio administration first uncovered by Politicker: ideological interests have overridden any desire to logistically achieve things in office. As one anonymous city hall employeecomically told Politicker last week, the only direction from above is to “be progressive,” prompting the response: “WTF does that mean? What’s the fire company going to do to be progressive?” (Read More)

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

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