Communist Venezuelan Government Violently Cracks Down On Protesters



Venezuela is another pivotal experiment gone horribly wrong. Someone should alert the media.

Over the past week, Venezuelan protesters have been fighting against corruption in the government, high inflation, and a high murder rate.

On February 12th, at least three people were confirmed to have been killed during anti-government protests by “armed vigilantes on motorcycles.”

As result of the growing unrest among the people of Venezuela, the government has censored news and Twitter images.

Now on the fifth day of protests, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro still says he won’t resign.

Instead, Maduro has said he will not let the protesters who call for his resignation cause chaos. According to Reuters, “troops have fired teargas and water cannons to clear about 1,000 protesters who lit trash bonfires and threw stones in an affluent part of eastern Caracas.”

But the protests are not receiving substantial media coverage, as Instapundit notes, even though Cuba training armed government groups attacking and killing protestors in Venezuela

Read the whole thing. The above also notes that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has been trying to bring attention to the dire situation in Venezuela, but I guess the US media isn’t all that interested. He tweeted a link to this video explaining what’s been happening in Venezuela, the woman narrating the video asks those who are interested in the truth to please share the video. It was posted on Friday, February 14 and already has over 1 million views.