Colorado County Trying To Seize Couple’s Cabin Through Eminent Domain

Image via The Blaze/AP

Image via The Blaze/AP

Andy and Ceil Barrie bought their dream property in the middle of Colorado’s White River National Forest. They legally purchased a cabin and ten acres of property, but now the county wants to seize it all through eminent domain because they use an ATV to get there in the winter time. Seriously.

Now the county government, alarmed that the couple drives their ATV up a 1.2-mile old mining road to the cabin, wants to take the Barrie’s land — and it’s doing so by claiming eminent domain. Rather than using the practice of government seizure of private property to promote economic development, the county is using it to preserve open space.

The move shocked the Barries. They have allowed hikers to travel through their property, had no plans to develop the land and were negotiating with the county at the time it moved to condemn the property.

Open space “is all it’s ever been,” said Andy Barrie. “I feel like I can’t trust my government.”

Summit County Attorney Jeff Huntley said the county had to act after the Barries insisted on being able to use motorized transport to get to the cabin. “People in this community are very intent on preserving the back country,” he said. (Read More)

Oh, and you’ll never guess which party controls the county that wants to take the Barrie’s property.