Colin Powell: Republican Party Needs Me More Than The Democratic Party Needs Me


Colin Powell still claims to be a Republican, and told Andrea Mitchell that “The Republican Party needs me more than the Democratic Party needs me.” Why does any party need him? The Republicans certainly don’t need a guy who endorses Democrats and promotes their radical agenda.

Transcript via Grabien:

MITCHELL: “You endorsed Barack Obama on ‘Meet the Press.’ Are you still a Republican or what do you think you are?”

POWELL: “I’m a Republican — I was a Republican for the eight presidential elections before Mr. Obama where I voted for a Republican president. But when I was in the phase of deciding what I should do in 2008, I was disturbed by the direction in which the party was moving, and I made it clear at the time, and I thought Mr. Obama was the best choice for economic reforms that we needed and for other things that we needed. And so people said, well does that make you a Democrat? And I said, I’m still a Republican. And I think the Republican Party needs me more than the Democratic Party needs me. And you can be a Republican and still feel strongly about issues such as immigration, and improving our education system, and doing something about some of the social problems that exist in our society and our country. I don’t think there’s anything inconsistent with this. As I go around the country, everybody’s focusing on 2014, 2016, and I said don’t think that superman or superwoman is coming in 2016. If you don’t like the lack of — if you want to do something about the lack of stability in this country, it’s the super people that are going to change it, not whoever the next president is. We the people have to start pushing back on all of the instability that exists in our society, especially in our media, and we also have to start listening to other sides to get a more balanced perspective with respect to the issues of the day, and make the compromises necessary to keep our country moving forward just as our Founding Fathers did in 1787.”

By “super people” I assume he’s talking about the American people and not politicians. If that’s the case, why does he support the man who continues to expand government and believes government is the solution to all of our problems?