Clinton Documents: ‘Our Plan Will Really Hurt Their Livelihoods’


The highly anticipated Clinton documents have started trickling out, and already the media is poring through them.

Hillary Clinton’s advisers spent a lot of time trying to “soften her image” as First Lady, and White House staffers spent a lot of time socializing with the media. What a surprise.

The RNC is also all over the documents, mainly those pertaining to health care. Here’s the main page, this one caught my eye.

The White House Conceded That The Clinton Health Plan Would Harm The Livelihoods Of Independent Insurance Agents. “Of all the industry groups against us, I think our toughest opponent is the independent insurance agents – they are effective, they’re everywhere, they have relationships with other small business people, and our plan will really harm their livelihood.” (White House Memo, 3/31/93)

Isn’t that nice? They knew they would really harm the livelihood for an entire industry but pressed forward anyway.

There’s much more, follow the links to peruse it all. I’m sure they dumped it all on a Friday hoping people won’t be paying much attention.