CBO Now Projects Obamacare Will Cost More Than $2 Trillion Over Ten Years


Remember before Obamacare passed Democrats worked really hard to keep the price tag under $1 trillion, or at least to make us all think it would cost under a trillion dollars? Well, now the CBO is saying it will cost more than $2 trillion over ten years. Isn’t it funny how these things always come in costing much more than projected?

Jeffrey Anderson at The Weekly Standard broke down the numbers for us:

To be more exact, the CBO now projects (see Table B-1) that the 10-year gross cost of Obamacare’s coverage provisions will be a cool $2,004,000,000,000.00. …

So, let’s do the math on that:  In 2009, we were told it would cost $848 billion to insure 31 million people.  That’s $27,000 per newly insured person.  Now we’re told it will cost $2.004 trillion to insure 25 million people.  That’s $80,000 per newly insured person—about a three-fold increase since passage.

Read the whole thing.

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