Biden Tells The View Obamacare Not A Jobs Killer


Yesterday Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance on The View, where the hosts swooned over him and Barbara Walters even gave him a kiss. So it’s not surprising he wasn’t challenged when he claimed Obamacare isn’t killing jobs. They just sat there while he spewed about how it means “freedom” as it liberates Americans from work.

This is a really good report let me explain what I meant. When you get beyond the headline, about 2,000 jobs will be lost. Mr. [Douglas] Elmendorf, the guy who runs the Congressional Budget Office, when he testified pointed out that this is about freedom. How many of you are single women with children in a dead-end job, you’re there because of your health insurance. you would rather have the opportunity to spend the next couple of years with your child until they get — if that was your choice, until they get into primary school. You’re now trapped in that job because if you leave, you lose your health insurance. Now you’ll be able to make an independent choice: Do you want to stay in that job and still have health insurance, or do you want to stay in that job even though you can get health insurance absent that job? It gives women a great deal more freedom.

Who said anything about only 2,000 jobs being lost? He’s out of his mind. The CBO said 2 million jobs, not 2 thousand. And how many people work only for health insurance? Did it occur to him that maybe they need a paycheck to pay their bills?

The video clip is below, and Real Clear Politics has the longer version including him saying how he once needed a craniotomy. Maybe that explains what’s wrong with him.

In related news, a new study found that 33,000 jobs were lost due to the medical device tax alone.

Via Grabien