ATF Agents Having Trouble Keeping Track Of Their Own Weapons


This isn’t quite as bad as Operation Fast and Furious but it’s right up there. Agents with the ATF are having trouble keeping track of their own weapons. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel they’re losing their guns left and right.

ATF agents have lost track of dozens of government-issued guns, after stashing them under the front seats in their cars, in glove compartments or simply leaving them on top of their vehicles and driving away, according to internal reports from the past five years obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Agents left their guns behind in bathroom stalls, at a hospital, outside a movie theater and on a plane, according to the records, obtained Tuesday by the news organization under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

In December 2009, two 6-year-old boys spotted an agent’s loaded ATF Smith & Wesson .357 on a storm sewer grate in Bettendorf, Iowa. The agent lived nearby and later said he couldn’t find his gun for days but didn’t bother reporting it — until it hit the local newspaper.

In Los Angeles in 2011, an agent went out to a bar drinking with other agents and friends, reportedly consuming four alcoholic beverages. The next morning he woke up and realized his ATF-issued Glock was gone. It was not found. (Read More)

Good grief. And the left is fretting about law abiding, responsible citizens owning guns?

So, while the Obama administration – and other anti-gun liberals – complain that ordinary, law-abiding citizens can’t be trusted with their firearms, they don’t seem to be fussing about ATF agents who are leaving their weapons behind at unsecure locations. Yeah, this is typical liberal logic.

What about incidents from 2009-2013? In some cases, the agents lost as many as three weapons at one time. (Read More)

It’s just one thing after another these days. Is it any wonder there’s so little confidence in government?