Are You Going To Watch Bill O’Reilly’s Super Bowl Interview With President Obama?


Did you hear that Bill O’Reilly is going to interview President Obama for Fox’s Superbowl pre-game show today? O’Reilly’s last interview of the president was in 2011 which was the last time Fox aired the Superbowl. It was kind of a snoozer.

“You understand that a lot of Americans feel that you’re a big government liberal who wants to intrude on their personal freedom?” O’Reilly told Obama at one point.

Chuckling, Obama said “a lot of folks who watch you, Bill, believe that!”

O’Reilly: “They think (that) way worse than me.”

Obama: “I’ve got to give you credit — you’ve got a pretty big viewership … so you’re pretty persuasive.” (Read More)

Are you going to watch it? I doubt I will, at least not at 4:30 when it’s aired live. I have a lot to do before the Superbowl starts and listening to more of the same isn’t high on my list of priorities.