You Might Not Like Congress, But Do You Like Your Congressman?


The Founders of the United States set up our system of government so that the House of Representatives was made up of people who are closest to their constituency. In the federal government, your Congressman (or woman) is the closer to you than anyone else. (Unless you happen to be related to or friends with a politician or bureaucrat.)

That’s why I’m so offended by President Obama’s action plan to go around our representatives whenever possible. Sure, polls show that Congress is more unpopular than Obama, but in many cases, individual Congressmen are more popular than he is. He likes to lump Congress all together, like it’s just some blob that gets in his way. But it’s made up of the men and women we send to Washington, DC to represent our interests. This is a big country, and what’s important to one district may not even be on the radar in another district. I’m not a big fan of my Congressman, but even he has voted against Obama when he knows it’s in his best political interest. He knows he has fewer people to answer to than the President, or even a Senator.

Obama wants to neutralize our representatives, so in effect he wants to neutralize us.

Oh, and just as a warning to all of you lefties hoping he just “uses the pen,” what comes around goes around.