Why Would Republicans Trust Obama On Immigration?


Republican leadership in the House released the details of their immigration plan. The Washington Examiner has a general rundown of the plan, which seems to hinge on enforcement. That’s all fine and good, but they would have to trust President Obama to carry out the enforcement. How do you think that’s going to work?

Heritage quoted Paul Ryan saying they have to write a law Obama can’t avoid, then goes on to note how Obama routinely avoids laws he doesn’t like.

Unfortunately, the President seems to be doing quite well avoiding laws he doesn’t like. On immigration, he has already selectively enforced laws, and he went around Congress toimplement major portions of the DREAM Act—which had failed in Congress more than 30 times—by executive fiat.

“Policymakers have no real reason to trust the President to uphold any new immigration laws,” Heritage Vice President Derrick Morgan wrote yesterday.

The President and Congress did not pass comprehensive immigration reform during his first two years in office when liberals controlled both Houses of Congress. He now wants conservatives to join him in this unpopular policy, apparently asking them to trust that he will enforce the law in return.

The lure of a rebounding U.S. economy, the promise of eventual amnesty, and the lax enforcement of immigration laws are strong temptations. That’s why amnesty doesn’t work to control illegal immigration; in fact, it just encourages more people to risk sneaking in.

Read the whole thing. I’m picturing Boehner as Charlie Brown and Obama as Lucy holding the football.

I have no idea why they would trust him, but Da TechGuy has a few ideas about why they’re pushing this.