Where Are Republicans And The Media On Administration’s Racial Disciplinary Edict?


Investor’s Business Daily points out a stark absence of curiosity on the part of the media when it comes to the racial disciplinary edicts for schools coming out of the Obama administration. Also absent on this issue is the entire Republican Party. You would think at least the Republicans would take note since this will effect every community in every district in every state.

Last week, after the attorney general and education secretary jointly announced an alarming new witch hunt against local school officials over allegedly racist disciplinary policies, we watched with keen interest Republican reaction. Disappointingly, barely a whimper was registered from the opposition party.

Even Fox News punted on the administration’s dangerous anti-discipline crusade, preoccupied as they were handicapping a speculative race, two years away, between Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie.

Yet we can’t imagine a more important kitchen-table issue — one that will directly affect middle class families — than school discipline.

By demanding schools suspend suspensions of school thugs, the administration’s race-mongers are threatening the safety and security of classrooms across the nation. They’re also threatening learning for white and minority students alike.

You’d think this new policy, which ties compliance to education funding, would warrant endless debate on the airwaves. It’s already having real consequences, with dozens of school districts coming under federal investigation, and many others proactively easing punishment for even the most violent students. (Read More)

What will it take for this issue to get some much-needed attention? As Joe Biden would say, it’s a pretty big f’ing deal.