We’ve Been Searching For Our Dog

Jet 1

Last night our dog managed to dart out the door and run off. Now we know why he was named Jet, he’s fast. Mr. LC went after him but couldn’t catch up. He went searching with no luck. I stayed here, walking around the yard calling out his name. I was up half the night going to the door to see if he came back and was just waiting to be let in.

This morning he was spotted about three blocks away at the end of a road that opens up to fields, trails along a creek and woods. He was spotted in the same area again early in the afternoon. That’s where we spent the day looking but haven’t seen him. We’ve posted and handed out flyers and reported him missing with the town (the dog catcher saw him, but could’t catch him) and the SPCA. If any of you live near Dewitt, NY and you happen to see our Jet please let me know. We’re all just heartbroken and really want our little guy to come home.

I’ll try to get some posts up, because at this point it’s too dark to go searching that area. So I may as well do something to keep from feeling totally useless.