Video: Sarah Silverman Uses Jesus Christ To Promote Abortion Access


Silverman fake Jesus

I don’t know if this is a new low for the left or not, but either way, it’s right down there at the bottom. Via Maggie’s Notebook Sarah Silverman put out this faux PSA featuring Jesus Christ who came to her in a dream. Faux Jesus informed her that life begins at 40, but he was just kidding. But he wasn’t kidding when he said that “fertilized eggs aren’t people.” Then she came out of the dream to rant about abortion restrictions and masturbation.

Red Alert Politics gives us the background on Silverman’s political agenda.

“Using religion to dictate legislation is un-American,” Silverman says. “But it’s happening.”

The PSA is designed to promote “From V to Shining V,” a national pride day for women to be held Sept. 28. “From V to Shining V” is the product of Lady Parts Justice, a “national women’s movement” whose mission is to halt anti-abortion legislation and keep pro-life politicians from getting elected. For the national pride day for women, Lady Parts Justice seeks to set up rallies at all 50 state capitals.

Silverman has become the face of Lady Parts Justice, notably for auctioning a vaginal napkin she had used at a fundraiser in November. The event reportedly raised $50,000. (Read More)

How classy.

Does Silverman believe that offending Christians will bring them around to her side? Will her next faux PSA include Mohammad?

Here’s the video if you have the stomach for it. It’s probably not something you want to watch if there are children in the room.