Senate Report Says Benghazi Attack Could Have Been Prevented


So much for the “phony scandal” meme when it comes to Benghazi. The Senate released an investigative report that found the terrorist attack on the US compound could have been prevented.

A long-delayed Senate intelligence committee report released Wednesday spreads blame among the State Department and intelligence agencies for not preventing attacks on two outposts in Libya that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

The bipartisan report lays out more than a dozen findings regarding the assaults on Sept. 11 and 12, 2012, on the diplomatic compound and a CIA annex in the Libyan city of Benghazi. It says the State Department failed to increase security at the sites despite warnings and faults intelligence agencies for not sharing information about the existence of the CIA outpost with the U.S. military.

The committee determined that the U.S. military command in Africa didn’t know about the CIA annex and that the Pentagon didn’t have the resources in place to defend the diplomatic compound in an emergency.

“The attacks were preventable, based on extensive intelligence reporting on the terrorist activity in Libya — to include prior threats and attacks against Western targets — and given the known security shortfalls at the U.S. Mission,” the panel said in a statement. (Read More)

In the months leading up to the attack the security situation in Benghazi was deteriorating. While other countries were closing up shop, Hillary Clinton thought it would be a good idea to expand the State Department’s presence there, while reducing security. Then she and the president went out and blamed the attack on an obscure video, even though they knew for a fact that wasn’t true. It’s amazing that she’s even considering a run for president.